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Golden Carpets Ltd. was set up in the year 1994 with state of art-looms to manufacture 100% woven carpets. The carpets are produced with high quality heat set polypropylene yarn imported from Turkey. With huge experience in the field of carpet manufacturing which specializes in customized designing based on client needs, Golden carpets has captured a big market share in the country. Golden carpets is known for its high quality and great customer satisfaction.. And we don’t imagine our standards will drop anytime soon

Why Choose Golden Carpets

With designs based on client suggestions and needs, golden carpets is one of the only companies in India that provides carpets with customized designs to best help fulfill the needs of our customers.

At Golden Carpets, we believe that quality is our prime concern. We use only high quality imported heat-set polypropylene yarns in our range of carpets, which are woven with incorporated, computerized weaving technology. These imported yarns are not dyed and are pigmented. In case of pigmented yarn, the color of the yarn does not fade as the Basic Raw Material is of that color (Pigmented), whereas in the case of dyed yarns, the color is dyed over a basic white yarn which tends to fade due to usage.

Our carpets are fire retardant, moth free, stain proof, washable, long lasting, anti-static and most importantly odor less - unlike woolen carpets in closed areas. These features result in providing you with negligible maintenance problems. At Golden Carpets, we have the most sophisticated finishing line which includes an advance back-coating line which makes the carpet Fire retardant and Moth free and a Carpets Shearing Line, which makes the pile height even and gives the carpet a beautiful look and long life.

Along with these features, our carpets are cut pile which are considered to be the pinnacle of luxury in the carpet industry. Cut pile carpets are manufactured by cutting the yarn loops which produces an upright pile that has a more luxurious, formal look than loop pile.

Over a decade of experience and collaboration with Belgium expertise, golden carpets has gone from strength to strength to become a leader in carpet manufacturing. With carpets for large scale needs for hospitality sector to small scale area rugs for household interiors, our business is always expanding its horizons.


Golden carpets is one of the only high quality heat set polypropylene carpet manufacturing company in Asia Pacific. The plant is supported with state of the art CRM looms with technical collaboration from Belgium. The looms have have electronic jacquard with incorporated weaving technology.


In this kind of incorporated weaving technology there is no floating pile at the back of the carpet which gives strength and longer life to the carpet with a clear Back Finish, unlike the other carpets, where the back has a floating pile and the carpet is without strength. We have computerized designing system, which enables us to produce any design of your choice with immense speed.


We provide complete carpeting solutions for Hotels, Multiplexes, Corporate Offices with wall to wall carpets that are tailor made as per client needs to serve the purpose of the venue. In addition to wall to wall we also have an extensive design library showcasing our area rugs which are meant for adding beauty to smaller areas. We are one of the only companies in India that make carpets with customized designs. Our design studio has been made with extensive efforts from the best software professionals and designers to help create an interface that will help our clients choose their favorite design.


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